Monthly Archives: April 2016

Digital strategy in the charity sector: a matter of who you know?

A recent article in the Guardian’s voluntary sector network by Zoe Amar outlines the sale of the challenges that charity sector faces as it adapts to the digital technologies. Many see the digital era as a game-changer for charities affecting every aspect of their operations, and yet the commentators quoted in Amar’s article suggest that the vision to make the necessary organizational changes and the skills needed to do so are in relatively short supply across the sector to the extent that some risk digital illiteracy and even obsolescence. The Lloyds Bank UK Business Digital Index for 2015 cited in the article tells a troubling story about the charity sector. According to this report the number of charities reporting lacking digital skills actually increased between 2014 and 2015, from 55% to 58%. Both scarcity of skills and lack of understanding of the relevance of digital opportunities are seen as to blame for the relative lack of digital maturity found in the charity sector as compared to other industry sectors. Amar’s article suggests that recruiting digitally savvy trustees to help build forward-thinking strategies and preparing to be both visionary and agile may be the answer for the charity sector.